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Taavi Rõivas – Asia Update 2020 - Estonia in the EU
One month before he is set to leave office and return to the business world, and incidentally on the second birthday of the Estonian e-Residency programme, Taavi Kotka − the Estonian Government’s CIO and one of the initiators of e-Residency − talked to Life in Estonia about the need for the European Union to invent an entirely new discipline in order to stay competitive.
Videos of Taavi Estonia
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Taavi Aas was born on 10 January 1966 in Tallinn. He is married and a father of three. Taavi Aas became a member of the Estonian Centre Party in 2002 and is currently a member of the board of the party. Employment history. In 2015–2019, he was the Mayor of Tallinn; before that, as of 2005, he served as Deputy Mayor of Tallinn.
Taavi Kotka
Taavi Kotka (born 21 January 1979) is an IT visionary and previously the Chief information officer of the Estonian Government known for leading e-residency program. Between years 2005-2012, Kotka was the CEO of Nortal (then named Webmedia), one of the largest software development companies in …
Ever evolving, E-Estonia - Centre for Public Impact (CPI)
Taavi Rõivas. Estonian Parliament; Prime Minister of Estonia (2014-2016) Taavi Rõivas is the former Prime Minister of Estonia who worked on opening doors for Estonian businesses in foreign markets, including Asia. During his term in the office, he focused on improving e-governance and making e-Estonia a known term in the wide world.
Taavi Rõivas: A new momentum for e-Estonia
One of the main drivers behind its digital drive, and quite possibly the reason Estonia has done so well, is former Estonian government CIO Taavi Kotka. Ahead of e-Health Week last month,
Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas
Taavi is an Estonian and Finnish masculine given name, a version of David.. People named Taavi include: Taavi Aas (born 1966), Estonian politician, Mayor of Tallinn since 2017; Taavi Eelmaa (born 1971), Estonian actor; Taavi (Dave) Komonen (1898–1978), Finnish-Canadian long-distance runner; Taavi Kotka (born 1979), Estonian businessman; Taavi Peetre (1983–2010), Estonian shot putter
Taavi Rõivas: A new momentum for e-Estonia
Taavi Madiberk, 28. Founder, Skeleton Technologies (ESTONIA) The son of a scientist who worked with ultracapacitors, Madiberk saw their potential even in middle school. That early interest led the
Former Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas to leave politics, move
e-Estonia Briefing Centre is here to guide you through all the stages of digitalisation and offer services that can be tailored to your needs, both in-person and online. Our services. Estonians using internet voting % number of people participating . Estonian Parliament. European Parliament.
e-Estonia — We have built a digital society and we can
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