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Criminal codes - Legislationline

Estonia . Penal Code. Passed 6 June 2001, (RT1 I 2001, 61, 364; consolidated text RT I 2002, 86, 504), entered into force 1 September 2002 . Division 6. Offences Against Liberty. Division 2. Offences Against Minors § 175. Disposing minors to engage in prostitution (1) A person who by inducement, threat or any other act influences a person of

Estonia to transpose 2 EU directives into national legislation

estonia penal code

Penal Code Passed 6 June 2001 (RT 1 I 2001, 61, 364; consolidated text RT I 2002, 86, 504), entered into force 1 September 2002, amended by the following Acts: 24.01.2007 entered into force 15.03.2007 - …

Legislation Estonia (Lexadin)

The Penal Code, entered into force September 1, 2002. Estonia ratified the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention on May 12, 2003. § 206. Computer sabotage

All of Estonias laws are now available in English | RIK

estonia penal code

Another addition to the Penal Code involves extending its validity to crimes affecting the EUs financial interests committed outside the territory of the state of Estonia. The Penal Code will also be updated with new constituent elements of crime affecting the EUs financial interests -- …

Estonia | Factsheets |

estonia penal code

Penal Law. Extensive penal law reform took place in Estonia in 2002, with enactment of the new Penal Code. This stands among the most modern in Europe. Great emphasis focuses on protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in criminal procedure. Important keywords are also prevention and reintegrating of offenders into normal life.

The Swedish Criminal Code -

Source: Penal Code of Estonia (2001) Majority Age. 18 Source: FOSIGRID. Voting Age

penal code - Estonian translation – Linguee

What are the consequences for a breach of sanctions in Estonia? The consequence for breach of sanctions, whether by act or omission, is a fine or imprisonment for up to five years (Section 93 of the Estonian Penal Code). Where a transaction breaches the Act, or legislation based upon the Act, the transaction is void (Section 11 of the Act).

Estonia - Cybercrimelaw

Criminal Code of the Republic of Estonia (2001, amended 2019) (English version) Code of Criminal Procedure Implementation Act (2004, amended 2017) General Penal Code of Iceland (1940, amended 2015) (English version) Law on Criminal Procedure (exerpts) (as of 2018) Ireland.

UPDATE: Guide to Estonian Legal System and Legal Research

Ref A: D4AAF416487B4E6CB76F246538DADB2E Ref B: DNAEDGE0115 Ref C: 2020-10-23T19:08:36Z

Estonia Penal Code - Protection Project

estonia penal code

Illegal crossing of State border or temporary border line of the Republic of Estonia is punishable according to Article 258 of the Penal Code (published in the Riigi Teataja (State Gazette) I …

Estonia – Global Sanctions Guide - Eversheds Sutherland

The Criminal Code also contains general provisions on all offences, criminal sanctions and the applicability of Swedish law. The most recent translation of the Criminal Code into English was published in Ds 1999:36. The present translation was originally completed in December 2019 by Amy Oliver, in cooperation with Judge of Appeal Mari-Ann Roos

Estonia penal code


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